New Equipment

Plasquest 2000 Gas Panel

Highest End Closed Loop Thermal Spray Plasma System

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PlasQuest 2100 Mass Flow Control

  • SCFH, SLMP (standard liters per min)
  • LPM (Liters Per Min)
  • NLPM (Normal Liters Per Min)

Turntables - New

This design is for a 500 lb payload vertical at 350 rpm. The RPM’s are closed loop with an off the shelf Minarik controller. The table electrically tilts to 90* with an up limit and down limits. The operators will not be able to tilt in rotate. The tilt has an electrical brake to keep the table from dropping out of desired position during rotation due to vibrations.

HVOF Plasquest Flow panel

UTS’s version of the DJFW