Power Supply Modifications

Old control and firing boards are no longer available. We have a solution less expensive than new costs. New power supplies range from $35,000 to $48,000. Additional costs are associated with interfacing the new power supply; the control cable and the control console will most likely have to be modified.

We have studied power supplies, their transformers and rectifier packs. Working with a power supply group, we have developed an Upgrade to bring no functional obsoleted power supplies back to functional with new current style firing boards. The control cable and the console should not have to have modifications.

If we have a power supply in our stock, like your nonfunctional power supply, then a trade out could be an option. The only concern is if a nonfunctional power supply has a transformer failure, it would cause that power supply to not be rebuildable. Other than this issue All Power Supplies can be rebuilt and upgraded to fully functional.